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dramaturgy (n.)

"science of the composition and production of plays," 1795,

from French dramaturgie, from Greek dramatourgia,

from drama (genitive dramatos; see drama) + ergon "work, activity"

(from PIE root *werg- "to do").

What is a dramaturge you ask?  simply put it is the art of

"working the play, to work the script"

“I am so grateful to have met Jonathan and to have the ongoing gift of his compassionate, insightful, expert collaboration in developing my piece. I have very strong opinions, and Jonathan strikes the perfect balance of both affirming my instincts where they are conducive to strengthening the script, and gently guiding me toward specific changes where those might lead to a better piece.


Jonathan has no interest in trying to reinvent the wheel, but he makes sure all options are on the table in the interest of making a book most structurally sound, powerfully theatrical, and emotionally impactful.”

Jen Chapin

Composer & Playwright

Essential Stories

I had the great honor and pleasure of having Jonathan S. Cerullo do extensive dramaturgical work on Harry Fawcett’s and my musical “MADAM OF THE ATOM”. Jonathan was extremely professional and prompt with our weekly working sessions and brought a newfound joy and fun to our intense work.

His extensive theatrical knowledge was key to the ingenious advice he gave us. I watched him help refine “a block of musical marble”, and trim and polish it into a firm and focused theatrical statue that now has a much better chance to stand the test of time.

Dr. David L. Tolley


Professor of Music

Delaware State University

Grammy Nominated Composer

If, as a playwright, you have ever said to yourself, 'I can't see the forest for the trees,' then you know how difficult it can be to maintain focus and control over your storytelling.  Or, if your attorney has ever commented, 'There is a great story buried here somewhere,' then perhaps you should consider hiring a dramaturge.  When I was stymied by both scenarios, I hired Jonathan Cerullo to help with the tone, structure, and storytelling of my historical musical, ‘Madam of the Atom.'  I'm glad I did. 


Out of 200 entries in NYMF 2020, my musical placed as one of 18 Finalists and was selected by the Grand Jury for full production.  The Grand Jury's remarkable comments may be viewed at  Thank you, Jonathan!

H. Fawcett


"The book has a sense of theatricality with concise scenes

and realistic dialogue."

"I am so impressed with this script. I absolutely love it."

Grand Jury Comments
NYMF 2020

Jonathan Cerullo has helped me with my script, Windywoo and Her Naughty Naughty Pets, immensely. I hired Jonathan as a director for a developmental reading of my show at NYMF in 2015 and since then he has worked with me as a dramaturg to help me, among other things,  fine-tune comedic timing and beats, clarify the story arc of the protagonist, and find the true heart of my show.  


Jonathan is a very talented and intuitive dramaturg. With his joy and enthusiasm for all things theatre, he makes everything and everyone he comes in contact with, better for it!

Wendy Ann Gardner

Playwright and Composer

Jonathan is an ocean of creativity.  His sense of humor and sense of timing is priceless.  Jonathan has a deep understanding of theater and understands what will be successful on stage. Jonathan is generous with his time. He is a big-hearted, compassionate artist with a genuine desire to support other artists and help them develop their best work. He is committed to bringing your vision to fruition.

Linda Bonadies


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